Stop Bullying Everywhere It Occurs!

Kailah Culpepper, Reporter

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High school bullying is getting worse and worse as the years progress. I once read in an article that the main reason for teen suicide is because of bullying. Bullying is formed almost like a pattern. Usually the person becomes a bully when they have been bullied themselves. So often times a person that has been bullied will bully someone else just to get the attention off themselves. A person also becomes a bully just to have a sense of overpowering someone else. Bullies really get a kick out of targeting those with known insecurities, someone considered different, or someone that simply won’t fight back.

There are different forms of bullying, such as physical bullying, where a person is hands on harming you. Physical bullying is known for being  the most obvious form of bullying. Verbal bullying, which is the act of someone stating rude comments and name calling in order to hurt another person or even make them feel belittled. Relational aggression is a group containing two or more people who spreads rumors or creates manipulate situations. This form of bullying is often used by girls in a sneaky and insidious way often times unnoticed by a teacher or administrator. Prejudicial bullying is a group of either the same race, sexuality, or religion bullying someone who is different for their preference. Finally the most popular form of bullying is cyberbullying, when a teen uses the internet a cellphone or other technology to expose, embarrass, or even harass another teen. Cyberbullying is the most successful for a follow bully because it is more widespread and even more people is able to see that horrible post or nasty message that has been sent to the bully’s target.

Bullying is an everyday occurrence and is has to stop. More people in this world can live life more freely and get along with one another if bullying didn’t occur. Making this change to stop bullying starts with those who want change. The best way to decrease bullying is to not continue the pattern. It ends with you.