Madison Nash, Senior Editor

Water wasters are everywhere nowadays since the drought. Everyone, TV, signs, even neighbors are telling you to save water.

You save water by taking shorter showers, not watering your lawn, turning off the tap, etc;. But water wasters don’t do this. They’re the people who leave the water on, running longer than they need it. They take long showers, and waste tons of water.

Beverly Hills recently was fed up with these people, and cracked down Water Wasters in their community. They achieved this by writing notices to certain water wasted suspects, doing campaigns, etc;

Their efforts sadly, never paid off. They had to go into a 25% water reduction, and claimed that all water wasters “Should be Ashamed.”

All cities here in California are cracking down on pesky water wasters as well. You can now report alleged ‘Water Wasters’ by googling ‘Water waster’ and clicking on your cities’ report sheet.

Campaigns in schools and in offices are helping the saving water campaign. People everywhere are shutting off more water and saving it. However, there are still people out there who don’t care about the drought and continue in a bad habit.

Water Wasters should be ashamed. They’re making everything worse for the rest of the city. There is no reason to be wasting lots of water in a drought as severe as this one.

If you are a Water Waster, stop. You’re losing money and making the drought worse for the rest of us. Please save water, and help your community.