Celebrate Presidents Day!

Celebrate Presidents Day!

Ivette Avina, Writer

Officially called Washington’s Birthday by the federal government, the holiday is known today as Presidents Day. This year Presidents Day landed on February 15, although Washington’s actual birthday is on February 22. Back in the 1870’s Washington’s birthday was celebrated, not only because it is the day of his birth,  but also because he is the first President who walked away from power. They celebrated his birthday for many other reasons too, like his remembrance and appreciation.

George Washington did a lot of great things for our country. He led the Revolutionary War, was made commander-of-chief of the Virginia forces, commissioned as the general and commander-of-chief of the continental army; he also served as President for two terms but refused the third, brought amendments to the US constitution through the Bill of Rights, and much more.

The construction of the Washington National Monument started during this time as well.

George Washington was the most important figure in American history. We have three day weekends in February in honor of George Washington’s birthday and now many years later, because it is known as Presidents Day, we celebrate all our other great presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, George W. Bush, John F. Kennedy, etc.

Senator Stephen Wallace Dorsey of Arkansas was the one who came up with this holiday, and it was later put into law by President Rutherford B. Hayes. Presidents Day has never landed on a President’s birthday, always too late or too early. Yet, George Washington,  Abraham Lincoln, William Henry Harrison, and Ronald Reagan all have birthdays in February.

All these Presidents accomplished great things and were great people. That is why the federal government has set aside an entire day to praise these outstanding people who we can thank for making our country as great as it is. George Washington once said ‘‘Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country’’. So in the spirit of Washington’s birthday, Happy Presidents Day!