Steve Harvey Fails!

Bee Sandoval, Writer

As most of the world probably already knows, this year’s Miss Universe was probably one of the most memorable moments of 2015, or any live TV show. E! Entertainment has a number of articles about this amazing ceremony. As the two finalists of Miss Universe, Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, patiently waited for the host, Steve Harvey, to announce the winner, when he announced Colombia as the winner, there were screams of confusion and cheers. After last year’s Miss Universe crowned Miss Colombia, Harvey nervously came back to the stage and says “I’ve made a mistake. The first runner up was Miss Columbia.” There was screaming of hate and love for both the host and the women up on the stage. “Miss Universe 2016 is Phillippines!” Harvey says. Screams from the entire audience filled the whole place.

The camera showed both faces of Columbia and Philippines because they were both shocked with eyes and mouths wide open. Miss Philippines nervously walked back down to the middle of the stage as they sadly took off Miss Columbia’s crown and put it on Miss Philippines.

There was immediate social media rage from all over the world. People made memes, pictures, tweeted about it, everything and anything you could say about what had happened, someone posted about it. Steve Harvey apologized to Miss Philippines at the press conference after the show, but Miss Colombia didn’t want anything to do with him. Steve Harvey tried to apologize again after the show from Twitter, only to fail yet again by spelling ‘Philippines’ wrong in the statement.

Both of the ladies have had interviews after the show to talk about the future, and Miss Colombia seems almost destroyed. She told a ‘Telemundo’ interviewer that “Nobody knows how to feels to have everything in one second, then you’re dreams trashed forever.” Miss Colombia believes that she and Miss Philippines should share the crown, but Miss Philippines doesn’t think the same. She believes it would be hard for them to both have the title, but she’s looking forward to be able to work with Miss Colombia in the future as a pair, and with the other girls as well.

Even though Harvey did make a never- forgetting mistake, people have said he might be back for next year’s show because he made the contestants and the audience feel at ease, which makes the show go along a lot smoother. Next year I hope to whoever the host is, please read the winner card carefully.