Nicole Arbour Offends Overweight People

The comedian has generated much controversy over her remarks.

Erin Beitlich, Writer

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    Nicole Arbour, a comedian, made a video on YouTube about “fat people” and how they are slowly killing themselves. She went on a rant about it, and she was not being very nice about it.

   The video is called ‘Dear Fat People’. “If we offend you so much that you lose weight, I’m okay with that… I’ll sleep at night.” Arbour said in the six-minute video.  

   Many people haven’t heard about her until now, but she has been posting videos on her Youtube page for around 5 months now. This video is the one that blew up on the internet. The video has gotten over 20 million views and her page has gotten over 1 million views since the video Thursday.  

  Even Whitney Way Thore from “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” had noticed and and made a response video responding to Arbour’s somewhat hurtful video. “Next time you see a fat person, you don’t know whether that person has a medical condition that caused them to gain weight.” Ms, Thore has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, causing her to gain weight. “You don’t know if their mother just died. You don’t know if they are depressed or suicidal or if they just lost 100 pounds. You don’t know.” Thore’s response video got over 150,000 views on Youtube and 13 Million views on her Facebook page.

  Yes, 13 million is not nearly as much as 20 million, but so many other people are making videos in response to Arbour’s rant video. I’m not sure if Thore has inspired or encouraged many people to make videos; however, it sure did make a difference.