Poem- “High School”

Reanna McCune, Writer

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you wonder these halls day by day

questioning who you will be

awaiting the day you walk out the front doors

and become your own person

you never know what to say

you only know what everyone can see

facing reality is like facing the wars

expecting life to worsen

four years of high school

another several of college

then what comes next?

your off on your own

it doesn’t matter if you’re cool

life’s still a challenge

everything we do has its effects

on our lives when were grown

don’t think it’s a joke

no it’s not a game

your life begins now

this is your reality

it’s not the time to choke

give yourself a name

make the world ask, “how?”

you got your mentality

it’s going to be hard

there’s nothing wrong with being scared

but remember without a doubt

you can do this

so take down your guard

push further than you dared

go the right route

make high school your bliss!

By: Reanna McCune