The Color of the Roman Originals Dress

Roman Originals sales have gone up three hundred and forty seven percent.

Kendyll Clark, Writer

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On Thursday night, February 26, 2015, I was simply scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and I stumbled upon a picture of a black and blue dress. People were saying that they either saw it black and blue or white and gold. At first I was confused because almost everyone was posting about this dress. I decided to ask someone what this whole thing was about, and they were saying that it was some sort of illusion. The color that the dress is depends on the way that your eyes are. I saw a few different pictures and some were blue and black and some were white and gold, so I think there were a couple of pictures online.

The company that manufactures the dress, puts the debate to rest by saying that it is indeed black and blue. The dress phenomenon began after a woman posted a photo of her mother’s dress for her wedding asking people to identify the color. Some celebrities got into this debate also, such as Justin Bieber (seeing black and blue), Kim Kardashian (seeing white and gold), and Taylor Swift (seeing black and blue).

According to, a representative for the company that makes the dress, Roman Originals, said “This dress only comes in the colors, pink and black, white and black, blue and black, and red and black.” Also that white and gold are not even an option yet, but they plan to be adding it soon because of all the commotion last night. Due to all of this going on last night, Roman Originals sales have gone up three hundred and forty seven percent.