Social Networking: Is It Really That Bad?

Some experts feel social networking is very harmful.

Josie Baker, Writer

Is it really that terrible to be on Facebook or Instagram? Believe it or not, in a recent survey conducted here at Granite, social networking is the favorite past time. Many people who oppose the idea of social networking believe that it is taking over the lives of the young folk. Yes, it does cause some people to become less productive and might give off some wrong information. However, every good idea has some kinks, but the pros overlook the negatives in this situation.

Social networking makes people more social, that is the whole point. Finally, talking with those annoying relatives without charging up the phone bill with long distance charges. A person who is shy or timid can now feel more confident talking with others who are not. With a few personal experiences the scariest thing about meeting new people are talking face to face.  Even video games are becoming more social because some require having a team.

There are many people who use twitter or other sites during times that are not appropriate. Although it is common, the sites are also being used for good. During the survey many groups of students mention that they use their phones or social sites to help each other with homework. Twitter, itself has been known to be a place to start campaigns from helping the homeless and bringing awareness of conditions in other countries.

Social networking may be becoming a big part of our daily lives, but it is not all that bad. With this step we grow closer to becoming more tolerable. There may be few problems with overuse but that is an easy fix. Ifa teen who is falling behind in school has their social networking devices taken away for a bit, that is one of the best motivators.

Social networking is becoming a big part of our daily lives. It has gotten to the point where some users check multiple times a day, however it is not really bad. With some moderation and filters social networking can be very beneficial.