Organization- Your Key to Success in School and Life!

Follow These Easy Steps to Increase Your Success!

Josie Baker, Writer

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Did you forget to do your homework again? Are you having trouble finding your notes from last week? Then you must be disorganized. There are plenty of cool tips that can help become more organized.



  • Labels


It might seem stupid but label things such as your notebooks, folders or even notes. Make sure the labels are bold and stand out enough for you look at them, because it is not going to help you if you have to use a microscope to look at it.



  • Keep Separate Notebooks for different classes


Six notebooks might seem like a lot to carry but it helps in the long run. Keeping your notes away from each other helps with not mixing them if you forgot to label them. Also if you keep separate notebooks than you can put worksheet in them to see if you have homework.



  • Color code


If you have a few folders and notebooks color code them. One way is to have your math folder and notebook both red but the english one is green.



  • Planner


Keeping a planner helps a lot, it is a mini-calendar that has space for you to write what you have to do that day. So it is very convenient with vocab and homework.



  • Reminders


If you do not know by now most mobile devices have applications that let you set up reminders, use them. They are a lot more helpful than you think. With the reminders it help you keep track of your time, and that is priceless.



  • Prepare ahead of time


It might seem like a waste of time but when you are in a hurry you will be thankful. If you set up you clothes ahead of time it gives you a few extra minutes you can eat with.


Being organized is a great habit to pick up even though it takes a little more effort to do!