“Creed”, the Continuing Story of Rocky Balboa and Friends

This story is focused on Rocky's adversary and later friend, Apollo Creed

Jenna Martin, Staff Writer

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We all know the very popular movie saga Rocky Balboa right? Starring Sylvester Stallone? It turns out there is a new installment to this franchise. It’s called…Creed. If you have no idea what this set of movie is about, here are a few things about it. Rocky Balboa was an amateur boxer who was involved in the loan shark business. Growing up on the rough side of the town, he had it bad. He was poor, had one friend name Paulie Pennino, a torn down apartment, a passion for boxing, his dog Butkus, and a love interest, Adrian, the sister of Paulie.

After gaining a chance to fight for the Heavyweight World Championship, he became more involved in himself. He went out with Adrian, exercised more than he did before, and was more into proving that he wasn’t a bum, but somebody who could go the distance with the World Champion, Apollo Creed. And later on in the second movie, Rocky married Adrian and had her child. And at the end of the second movie he finally won the Heavyweight Championship. Over the course of the next few movies, he battled with the loss of his manager, friend, and even his wife.

This new  movie is based off of Apollo Creed’s (played by Carl Weathers), grandson, Adonis Creed, who is is trying to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps.  While much of the cast isn’t known, what we do know is that Adonis will be played by Michael B. Jordan. Michael B. Jordan, who is 27, is best known for his role in “The Wire”, where he played a teenage drug dealer, Reggie Montgomery in “All My Children”, Vince Howard on “Friday Night Lights”, and Alex in “Parenthood”. Sylvester Stallone isn’t the main character; however, he will continue his role as Rocky Balboa. Rocky will be Adonis’s manager and trainer. There isn’t much known about this movie quite yet, only because production of the movie doesn’t begin until 2015. However knowing how Rocky Balboa has impacted many people around this world, it’s safe to say that this movie as well will bring along even more happiness to the many people who love this story and these characters.