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VANS Warped Tour

Reanna McCune

Vans Warped tour is one of the biggest concert events of our generation. Hundreds of different bands of so many genres tour all over the world and perform throughout summer. Sponsored by Vans, since the beginning in 1995, this event has always been a huge success. Many new or “underground” bands started out by going to warped tour and giving out CDs to get their name out. Each band gets about 30 minutes to play over the venue of usually 10 different stages.

The stages are spread out over the venue while a band plays at each stage starting at 11 am, usually ending around 9 pm. The only downfall to bands playing at one time is you may have more than one band you want to see playing at the same times on different stages.

Not only has warped tour been known for the music, but warped tour has also helped multiple charities over the years. Last year, MusiCares, a charity to help musicians and bands who don’t have insurance, made over $150,000 in 2013. The Feed Our Children Now campaign collected 330,000 pounds of food that same year.

Each year there is one band known as the “BBQ Band” that holds the traditional BBQ held most nights for all the bands and crew. 2015 BBQ band was Boy meets World.

Warped tour was created by Kevin Lyman in 1994. He was originally inspired by Perry Farrell’s performance of Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Mountain Song’. Kevin wanted to create an environment where nothing’s too weird, there’s constant music, and people can meet their heroes. Everyone who attends warped tour is free to express who they are without judgement.

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